Manila, Manila & More

Serious Studio immerses themselves into what truly makes them who they are when they designed the book “Manila, Manila & More” edited by Raymond Ang, with Manica Tiglao, and Michelle Ayuyao. This book is a travel guide published under Summit Books that tells you what to eat, see, and the history of the two different sides of Manila. Serious Studio puts together a “charmingly chaotic” feel to the book and is how the studio’s founder, Deane Miguel-Cruz describes the amazing city. Like how the book’s creative direction with different typefaces & colors, reflects on how Manila is. Covering all spots even the forgotten historic parts of the city. And it still remains a very packed.

“Manila is charmingly chaotic. Aesthetically, Filipinos exhibit horror vacui, or the fear of the empty space.”

Serious Studio is a consulting agency based in Manila, founded by Deane and Lester L. Cruz. Since 2013, they have been creating brightly work for brands and the beautiful people of the Philippines. Their colorful work they did for brands like Yes Please bar, Blk Cosmetics, ILYA they truly keep the aesthetic of Manila chaotically charming.

Serious Studio
Manila, Manila, and More