Kevin Ruiz

Kevin received his first camera at the age of 14. He was always interested and talking about filming skateboarding. Nobody else had a video camera at the time. After figuring out that point and shoot camera he was given from his father for his birthday wasn’t the best for video he would capture stills instead. The older he got, the more he notices that photography is becoming a bigger part in his life. Growing up in New Jersey him and and his friends would drive around and would document the exploration of new spaces, people and relationships in a very cinematic way. His work looks like a screenshot from a movie. “I’m always just watching people seeing how they interact with one another or how they interact within an environment.” Kevin mentions. Not looking for anything particular just looking for the right moment, light, and time.

“I look for things that are out of the ordinary or scenes that make me feel something.”

Kevin Ruiz is currently living & working in Los Angeles as of this year. He has been working on his personal projects to doing work for Paradise Magazine, Poketo, and others.