BIEN is an multidisciplinary artist that I’ve been noticing recently. Born and raised in Tokyo. I am in love with the curvature and awkwardness of the lines carved into color blocked & patterned wood canvases with what I am assuming power tools he recently installed for his most recent solo show “Woozy Wizard”. Large and small canvases surrounding the walls with a pile of crates, chairs, and other wooden objects under a beautiful rug in the center of the space. BIEN has a very interesting style with the figures and form of the thick line strokes. “I’ve been inspired by street culture, animation, and figurines” he says. BIEN’s work, inherits various ways of expressing that represents these cultures. Working in group shows and collaborating with other painters, mixed media artists, and even working with Nike, BIEN’s work complements in collaborative pieces beautifully and remains very recognizable and bold. Like you can spot his work and input from a mile away but still is cohesive with other work.

“I try to draw a line being separated from the shapes of familiar things, and move it in a way that cannot be done with the lines making up ordinary letters. Then something (like) a shape automatically appeared. It was a new kind of error.”